Delivering Results and Improving Each Riders Fitness

What others riders are saying…

“After finishing Iron Foundation is its a very good program where you really get a program that is 100% made for a motocross rider.

And I definitely felt I have improved in both bike control and endurance”


Twin halos program has helped me achieve greater levels of endurance on the track. 👍👍


What About You?

You love motocross but know your fitness is not where it should be for you to be competitive.  Time is something you can not afford to waste.

To become more competitive you have to make riding easier by increasing your fitness level. Simple right? One thing that most programs fail to address is the inevitable ARM PUMP. 

You need a trainer that not only knows how to train but also understands the demand of the sport, has raced before, and has taken his share of crashes.

I Can Help You

Most programs do not address every aspect of motocross. Some trainers have never even ridden motocross. Do not take a chance on someone who is guessing and using you as a test subject for their programming. That might be ok if you are going to do a fitness competition, but here we are creating motocross athletes the right way.

My name is Rosendo and I too suffered from not knowing how to train for motocross properly. I injured myself in the weight room, felt fatigued on the bike and always had arm pump.

Over the last 5 years I have developed programs for motocross, arenacross, hare scrambles, and enthusiast riders of all shapes and sizes. each rider was delivered one thing. They were delivered RESULTS. I have even shown riders how to decrease pain from injuries, reduce arm pump, cook to eat properly, and ultimately increase their performance on the bike.  

Want To Work With Me?

Before you decide anything I want you to see if I am a good fit for you. I have a complimentary training that shows you the ins and outs of how I train for motocross. There is a lot of good information to take from it and think you will benefit from this training. So click the link below and lets make sure I am the one you want to work with.

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