What is Motocross Fitness and How to Get Started

Motocross is often considered just another motor sport that does not require fitness to compete. But little do the unknowing onlookers and fans do not understand the demands of the sport of motocross. Riders are on top of a machine that weights 200+ pounds, heart rates are above 180 beats per minute, and fatigue if often the make or break between a championship and second place. Riding Motocross is more than just sitting on a bike, twisting the throttle, and going for a nice Sunday ride.

Weight Training will Cause Arm Pump Myth

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There is no getting around the fact that strength training shoulder one phase of a motocross fitness program. The myth associated with strength training is that weight training is going to cause arm pump. This could not be further from the truth. One reason you may get arm pump from weight training is the amount of fatigue that is carried over into riding that causes arm pump. So do not be afraid of lifting weights we just have to know how to incorporate it into our program. For motocross we are going to focus on three weight lifting phases to focus on to improve motocross fitness.

Hypertrophy/Conditioning for Motocross Fitness

When getting started with motocross fitness we want the riders to go through this first phase of training call the Hypertrophy phase aka building muscle. This is the muscle building and connective tissue strengthening phase. No you will not gain massive amounts of mass. When building muscle for motocross you are building muscle, metabolism, and your connective tissue(tendons, ligaments). This phase will help to prepare the body to prevent injury, build muscle, and address certain postural issues most motocross riders have. We are building a foundation to progress from.

In the same phase the connective tissue is also strengthened to help increase it’s strength. Connective tissue such a tendon (connects muscle to bone) need to be strong. This is to help reduce injury in the event of a fall and to prep the body for the strength training phase. Reducing injury and creating longevity in a rider is often over looked in most programs. We alleviated this by focusing on the details of our programming and implementing flexibility within our programs. This phase of training will open up flexibility, reduce pain, reduce risk of injury, and build the foundation of muscle needed to move to the next phase of training.

Absolute Strength for Motocross Fitness

In the second phase of training we focus on developing absolute strength combined with conditioning. Absolute strength is the ability to move the most amount of weight under control. Do not let that statement scare you. You are not being asked to lift a thousand pounds. Everyone’s strength differs and so does the amount of weight lifted. To improve your strength you will lift heavy weight with low reps.

When training in the strength phase control is absolutely important. The amount of weight is not as important as the quality of the reps performed. Less reps with good form will always beat higher reps with bad form. This phase of training we are lifting heavier weight to improve our nervous system function. We are simply asking the nervous system to fire every single muscle fiber possible to increase absolute strength. You may not feel sore, or “the pump” within your muscles, but you will feel exhausted after these workouts. This is where strategic programming and frequency are key to recovery to improve in the gym.

Circuit Training for Motocross Fitness

Now that we have built some muscle, improved our strength, now it is time to turn it up a notch and introduce circuit training. This phase is where we will perform a group of exercise with minimal rest. This will improve muscle endurance and preserve the new strength gains from the previous phase. Chose 4 exercise and complete 12-15 reps with no rest in between exercise until you finish the circuit. Weighted circuit training is going to increase our performance on the bike. The bike will feel lighter, we can ride longer, and ultimately have more fun on the bike.

If you Really Want to Improve Motocross Fitness

You can take the principles laid out in the article and apply them to your routine or you can get a done for you program that will coach you every step of the way. Our Iron Foundation program is our 90 day program that will improve your motocross fitness as well as flexibility by giving you all the techniques to do so.

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