Are You Looking for a Motocross Fitness Program? Learn What it Takes to Train Like a Motocross Athlete.

When you go out to ride are you one of the last ones out of your group of friends? Are you exhausted after a ride or race? Are your forearms pumped up and feeling like solid concrete? You need to improve your fitness so that you can enjoy riding and not feel frustrated to the point of almost giving up motocross all together.

Now motocross may not need the “body builder” look but why not improve your fitness for motocross and look like an athlete at the same time? We can burn fat and build muscle if we incorporate our “Phases Training” approach.

When I finally started to phase my training I was able to change how I looked and how I felt on the bike. Just look at the photo below. That is my transformation once I really focused on phasing my training. This is what enabled me to become stronger, build muscle, and improve my fitness for motocross.

There are so many ways to train for motocross but there are only a few ways that are fun and effective at the same time. So, I designed this training program to make training more enjoyable and make riding motocross easier. This program has three phases of weight training so that you avoid the typical lifting issues in the gym that cause guys to plateau and stop all progress. Along the way are some challenges to test your fitness in each phase. If you are not going to be challenged, then it will not change you. Here is how you will train in the next 90 days…

Three Phases of Iron Foundation

By combining multiple training methods you will begin to see how these methods all compliment each. By becoming stronger and increasing your endurance you will drastically change the way you feel on the bike. You will not only look the part of an athlete but you will also improve your performance when on the bike. So losing weight and building muscle can be accomplished here with this style of phased motocross training.

Phase 1 – Hypertrophy/Conditioning

Within this phase of training you will focus on building muscle and building a baseline of endurance. This phase will also target the typical muscle imbalances most motocross riders have along with increasing flexibility. You will build functional muscle, burn body fat, and riding your dirt bike will become easier. A bonus that is added to this phase is the Self-Massage/Soft Tissue techniques so that you can maintain your body and decrease arm pump with out expensive gadgets. To ensure you got the most out of phases one we will test your fitness with our Accelerator Challenge.

Phase 2 – Hybrid Strength

You need to get stronger for motocross, period. So, we do this by utilizing the big barbell lifts in a way that will develop the most amount of strength in the shortest amount of time. This is done using a hybrid approach to strength training while we continue improving muscle endurance. The purpose of strength training is not only to get stronger but to create a resilient body for when those inevitable crashes occur in motocross. It’s not “if” it’s “when” you crash. To finish this phases your strength will also be tested with our Ascending Complex Challenge.

Phase 3 – Pure Endurance (Burn Fat Not Muscle)

Your body will now start to hit peak performance as we turn up the intensity and change the focus of your training in this final phase. This is where you will continue to get stronger, your endurance will drastically improve, and riding motocross will become as effortless as we can possibly make it. This is all capable due to improved overall strength as well as grip strength. These workouts are short effective training session so that you never over train and feel depleted the next time you ride.

Just like every phase of training you have two challenges to complete in phase three. First up the Holeshot Challenge which will test your endurance just like you had taken the holeshot in a race. To finish this phase of training off you will finally face our lucky number seven challenge. You’re lucky if you make it to seven.

Are you Ready?

As you progress you will notice that you are not in the back of the pack and you may even get a few compliments on your physique. Now this will only happen if you start to take you and your training serious. I can give you every tip and technique along the way but it is up to you to put in the work. Everything is laid out for you, the sets, the reps, the rest times for the next 12 weeks. All you need is a variety of dumbbells, barbell, chin up bar, or access to a gym.

So just like any jump or whoop section, all you have to do it commit. Lets make riding easier and improve your fitness for motocross. I’ll even add more to this program for you…

Bonus #1 Member Only Facebook Group

Get access to the Members Only Facebook Group. Here you will get weekly coaching calls to make sure you get the most out of your program. You will also be able to ask questions live during these calls and will meet the other riders that are also going through the program. This will only be available to those that join the program. Once you join you will have lifetime access to this group and sneak peaks to anything that may be launching in the future.

Bonus #2 Access to the Motocross Kitchen

When it come to training you have get your nutrition dialed in. Within the Motocross kitchen you will get Kitchen 101. Food preparation techniques will be shared so that your efficiency in the kitchen can improve so that you can get on with your day. Nutrition 101 will deliver the easiest way to understand nutrition without making it more difficult than it has been in the past. Lastly, you will get every recipe currently published and any future recipes.

Every Program is back by our Twin Halos Salute to you with our 90-day money back guarantee. We want your confidence not only in the gym but also when purchasing any of our programs.


This is 12 weeks of done-for-you programming to improve your fitness for motocross. You get 3 different Targeted Phases of Training all with video demonstrations of each exercise. The hard part is done for you, now you just have to put in the work to see the results. Your nutrition will be dialed in, your understanding of nutrition will finally become clear and you get coaching calls along the way so that you do not fail.

Get started today and improve your fitness for motocross.

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