Iron Foundation Reinforced is going to give you the advanced tools to really develop as a motocross rider in the gym.

Iron Foundation Reinforced picks up right where the original Iron Foundation left off. This is taking the foundation work that you have built from Iron Foundation and we are now going to reinforce your body. You will continue to increase your performance with the similar progression phasing as last time with challenges to exit each phase of training.

Power Phase

In this phase you focus off training will be power development, so you can progress to jumping bigger obstacles and riding longer in more rough terrain without fatiguing sooner. You will develop quick powerful strength for better reaction to the bike.

The 450 Challenge

In this challenge we are not talking about the size of the motor in your bike. This is a body weight only challenge that will test leave you felling like you just rode a big bike.

Power Endurance Phase

You will be tested with our strength circuit training. This next phase will help you improve your endurance without losing the strength you have gained while increasing your balance. You will become a well rounded athlete for motocross.

20 Minute Countdown Challenge

In this 20 minute challenge we will see where you stack up when going gets tough. Motocross gets harder the longer you ride and so does this challenge. Do you thing you can last 20 minutes before you burn out?

Pure Endurance Phase

In this phase you will lessen the work load to allow your body to recover from the first two phases. You have never trained with dumbbells like this because these are fun workouts. The workouts are short to keep your endurance high while training with some pretty cool exercises.

Fantastic Four Challenge

There is nothing fantastic about this challenge other than the fact that if you pass, you will be considered fantastic. This is a 4 minute challenge that will absolutely have you breathing hard after 4 minutes.

So get ready to advance yours skills with this 12 week weight training program. If you have access to a gym then you have everything you need. If you have am at home gym all you need is some dumbbells, barbell with free weights. Every workout is detail with each rep, set, and rest times to ensure you get the most out of the program and progress your training.

Step your game up in the gym to improve your fitness for motocross. So get started today to take your training to another level.

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