Calisthenics Workout without Burpees, Seriously

So you have searched for a calisthenics workout to find something different. You come across a workout plan excited, only to see that they have programmed FREAKING BURPEES!

It seems like this is the “staple” of calisthenic workouts. Well, you won’t find those here. Our focus needs to change how we view working out. Not every calisthenics workout needs to be this crazy, sweat filled session.

calisthenics workout plan without burpees

Working out should not be a sacrifice of life to reach your “goals.” Why should we have to give up everything to look a certain way, hate the way we got there, and eventually lose any motivation to maintain improvements?

Our relationship with fitness and exercise has to change from the high-intensity workouts being the end all be all for reaching your goals.

A Calisthenics Workout can be effective by Slowing Down 

First, you have to determine your goals and what you want to achieve when doing calisthenics. Once you figure this out planning a program will be simple.

My goals at the time of this article are as follows

  • Straddle Planche

  • Front Lever for 5 seconds

  • Increased Shoulder Mobility

  • Increased Hip Mobility

So as you can see burpees won’t help me here with this calisthenics workout. That being said, the cardio you would get from doing burpees would help with muscle endurance. The risk versus reward in hurting my wrist or shoulders is enough for me to take them out of a program and accomplish cardio with maybe a kettlebell workout. 

The goal is to build strength and mobility at the same time. In order to do this, we have to pay respects to how fast soft tissue is able to regenerate. Muscle tissue regenerates twice as fast as connective tissue. This is why you are able to gain strength faster than flexibility. 

Flexibility takes time and frequency. The more you do it the better result you are going to get. So how would this look in a program? Here is day one in our calisthenics workout program called Ground Zero.

  • Pseudo Planche Holds 5 seconds

    Purpose is to build connective tissue and muscular strength BEFORE attempting a tucked planche progression.

  • Reverse Get Up

    Purpose is to open up the shoulder and hip flexors while strengthening the entire posterior muscles. (muscles in the back, butt, and back of legs)

  • Pike Press

    Purpose is to build the back, shoulder stabilizers, and pressing motion at the same time. 

  • Plank Crunches

    Purpose is to separate the attachment points of the abs to make the plank more effective and less boring. This is both aesthetics and strength attributes combined. 

  • Windsheild Wipers

    Purpose is to develop the obliques and transverse abdominal muscle. This will help with the tuck planche hold

  • Body Weight Leg Extensions

    Purpose is to eccentrically lengthen the quads for more mobility and strength. This will help with the front lever when extending the legs in a front lever.

  • Cossack Squat

    Purpose is to stretch the inner thigh (adductors) strengthen the glutes and hamstrings. This will help with pistol squats and hip mobility.

From my personal experience full body workouts have produced better results when first starting calisthenics and body weight training. Plus, it is faster to get done as compared to splitting up back and chest workouts. More workouts per year will allow you to gain skills sooner than later without rushing your training which can lead to injury.

Preventing injury is huge and it is the way we program because, if you are injured you can not progress.

Stretch After the Workout

Stretches are rarely programmed into fitness programs but, here you will find them into our Ground Zero Program. This is going to help with mobility and help recover from working out. It is so important to become flexible with strength to prepare for an injury that we may endure during out training.

So why not prep the body to recover or even prevent injury? In our Program Ground Zero we have all the soft tissue work, exercises, and stretches programmed to gain flexibility and strength at the same time.

  • Lat Stretch

    For Health Shoulders and Low Back

  • Forearm Stretch

    Purpose is to keep health wrists and hands

  • Hip Flexor Stretch

    Purpose is to keep the low back and pelvis healthy.

  • Seated Chest Stretch

    Purpose to open up the chest, biceps and to keep shoulders healthy.

  • Shin Box Stretch

    Purpose is to open up rotational movement assisting in low back health.

Targeted stretching without over training stretches combined with strength training is what our program Ground Zero is all about.

We have to become strong and flexible to unleash our full strength potential.

This also give us the basics in which we have to always come back to after any certain phases of training.

That’s it for this post. Hope you have a good day and thank you for reading,