Is Arm Pump Surgery Worth It?

The technical term for arm pump is Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome. It is an exercise induce condition that affects plenty of motocross athletes. If you do not address it can hinder your riding.

You know you have had arm pump when you head to the pits and your forearms are about to explode. Its not fun nor does it help you hold on to the bike. This is one of the worst things to experience as a rider.

There have been so many athletes suffering from arm pump and surgery seems to be the last resort in correcting this issue.

What Happens when getting Arm Pump Surgery?

When getting arm pump surgery two things can be accomplished with this surgery.

The first thing they can do is cut the connective tissue that is wrapped around the forearm musculature called fascia.

Once this tissue is cut this surgery can relieve the pressure riders experience when the get arm pump. The issue with this version of arm pump surgery is that the connective tissue is going to heal back up and develop scar tissue. Once this tissue heals up arm pump may return and in some cases become worse.

The second arm pump surgery method is to completely remove the fascia. By removing the fascia you eliminate the first issue mentioned earlier. We do not know what the long term effects of arm pump surgery.

The technical terms are Fasciotomy. meaning the surgeon cuts the tissue. Fasciectomy is the removal of the connective tissue.

Can you avoid Arm Pump Surgery?

The short answer is yes you can avoid arm pump surgery. The fascia is made up of of elastic properties such as elastin and collogen. These two can become strengthens to elongate the tissue. This is riders can develop flexibility.

Unfortunately most riders will over look stretching and even some fitness coaches will do the same.

Arm pump surgery can be avoided with not only stretching but with soft tissue techniques. Soft tissue techniques are basically self massage techniques to release tension in certain ares of the body.

What can I do for Arm Pump?

Below is a video on how to apply these self massage techniques to start the process of developing more elastic properties in the soft tissue of the forearm. These reason for doing soft tissue work is to alleviate the pressure within the forearm as you ride motocross. By increasing the elastic properties within the forearm you create more flexibility in the forearm and hand as well as alleviate your arm pump.

So two good things are happening when applying these techniques. It does not happen over night but the more you apply the techniques the more you will benefit from them.

So the techniques are a few that we implement into our fitness programs.

If the soft tissue is not address as well as flexibility, not only will arm pump be an issue but the risk of injury will remain high. Flexibility not only helps with arm pump but it reduces the risk of injury by allowing the joints to move in larger ranges of motion.

With flexibility you have to also create strength you can not just have flexibility without strength. Our program Iron Foundation does exactly that.

It is a phased fitness program that changes the focus of the bodies adaptation process. It also focuses on full body soft tissue techniques as well as weighted flexibility training.

So if you want to step up your fitness and flexibility while eliminating arm pump, Iron Foundation is the place to start.

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