8 Hip Stretches for Decreased Pain and Increase Mobility

We have all have heard how bad sitting is for our health. Sitting has even been considered the new smoking.

If you have ever felt some hip or low back pain, your hips could be smoking the new sitting cigarettes.

With all the negativity about sitting, we are going to give you 8 stretches you can do to open up your hips, decrease pain, and become more athletic.

Before Performing your Hip Stretches

Your hips need motion to keep them healthy. The articulating cartilage of the hip bone(femur) and the pelvis do not have their own veins or arteries.

This is true for all joints but, motion is what brings the blood, nutrients, and hydration to the joint. 

Muscle tension can decrease the hydration within the joint. If not addressed, it may cause a condition called bursitis.

The bursa sac in the hip joint is responsible for keeping the joins hydrated. 

The purpose behind this explanation is to show the importance of keeping your joints healthy. That being said, this is only one of many issues that can occur within the hip.

If the cartilage becomes ground down, bones began to grind on each other causing osteoarthritis and could even lead to hip replacement.

All avoidable by simply moving and maintaining our bodies. 

Exercise and plenty of stretching will enable you to age better, increase performance, and remain mobile

Let’s Get To Those Hip Stretches

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